Health Insurance

Individual/Family Plans

To protect yourself and family from high health care costs, you need health insurance. Without it, you face a 2 1/2% tax penalty. If you have low or moderate income, you may qualify for a subsidy, or premium assistance. To take advantage of lower premiums, let me help you apply through Covered California. It DOES NOT COST MORE to allow me to do this for you!

Anthem Blue Cross is leaving the individual health market in Southern California in 2018. I’ll help you choose your next best option.

Need help with individual health insurance?

Arm yourself with up to date knowledge on Obamacare and the pros/cons with other options before you make your decision.

Small Group Plans

For groups of 2 to 99 W2 eligible employees, small group plans offer larger networks and add enhanced benefits. Plus, voluntary benefits may be added through monthly pre-tax paycheck deductions. Some businesses have cancelled their group plan to offer each individual Obamacare plans, only to find their network size shrink. This is a MUST READ e-book — and it comes completely free with no obligation.

Free e-book on options for
group health insurance

Arm yourself with up to date knowledge on all your options for employees -- including offering each employee an allowance to buy their own individual health plan.

Exempt Plans

WHAT IF you didn’t get insured during open enrollment and are now having to pay a 2 1/2% tax penalty in 2017? Or WHAT IF you’ve been CANCELLED due to an administrative mix-up? You still need to protect your assets in case this happens to be the worst year ever for your health! How will you pay the massive hospital bills?
 An ACA-Exempt Medical Plan is your answer.
These are plans that are NOT restricted by the Affordable Care Act rules.

Plan A (Aliera Health) 

Choose between NINE levels of benefits for a variety of premiums and max-out-of-pocket limits. It excludes pre-existing conditions for 24 months, excludes childbirth for 10 months, and has a $1 Million lifetime limit. It has three levels of benefits: Value, Plus and Premium. The lowest coverage  includes two visits, $10K max out of pocket, and up to $150K per incident; the highest coverage includes six visits, $5K max out of pocket, and up to $500K per incident. It utilizes a large network of local doctors and hospitals in the “PHCS PPO Network (MultiPlan).

Plan B (EquityCare)

This plan pays 100% of your medical bills between $5,000 and $1,000,000. This plan can start on the first of any month, protects you from the tax penalty, and costs LESS than a Bronze plan. Any doctor in the nation will be “in network” due to its unique “next day payment” system. 


Plan C (Petersen International)

This short-term plan pays 100% after a deductible as low as $100, up to $1,000,000. The per month cost is much less than normal health insurance and can last for up to three months. This company is headquartered in Santa Clarita, CA.
You’ll be surprised at how affordable these options are!