Life Insurance

Term Life

By far the least costly life insurance is “term life” which lasts for 10, 20 or 30 years. Healthy 30 year olds can get $1,000,000 policy for around $30/month. If a spouse or parent dies too soon, the family will be able to financially survive.

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Learn about term life, why some love it, and why others despise it. Know the pros/cons with other options before you make your decision.

Indexed Universal Life

Known for its “Swiss Army Knife” versatility, a universal life policy is a permanent plan with flexible features. Some pay the minimum for death benefit only. Others use it to store up cash for a tax-free retirement.

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Discover why many financial experts believe strongly that this is the best single financial product you'll ever own. (Works best if under 60.)

Long Term Care

Long Term Care funds are necessary, since 70% will need assistance in activities of daily living at some time — but premiums are expensive. So alternative plans are now available. LTC+Life Insurance is a great ways to triple (or more) the amount of assets needed for LTC expenses or to withdraw tax-free for income in retirement. If you don’t need it, the money goes to your heirs, making it a win-win.

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