Wise Retirement Strategies

Tax-Free Income

Most financial advisors encourage use of “tax-deferred strategies” such as an IRA, 401k, 403b to reduce taxes NOW. All this does is push off paying your taxes until LATER – during your retirement years. Whether you pay your taxes in 2016 or 2036, the dollar cost will be identical IF the tax rates are identical. But here is the real question: do you expect taxes in the future to be less, the same, or more than they are now?

If you only have time to watch ONE -- Video Five summarizes the major points!

Safe Green Money

Did you know there are SAFE ways to earn 7-10% – without any risk of a stock market collapse? If YELLOW money is bank cash, and RED money is market-based investments, then GREEN money is your alternative to get steady, moderate returns with minuscule or no risk. To learn more, visit by clicking “Learn More”

Planning : Part One

Planning : Part Two

Planning : Part Three

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Planning : Part Five

Fixed Index Annuity

Would you like to set up your own pension to ensure that you will safely receive a steady income for life — even if you live to 120? You can’t do that with YELLOW money (CDs, bank accounts) or with RED money (IRA, 401k, REITs, mutual funds), but you can do that with “GREEN money” (fixed index annuity with a lifetime guaranteed income rider). Learn how you can GROW your money by INSURING it without any risk of loss!

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